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Let Hogan Law Firm Guide YouWhat to expect when you hire The Hogan Law Firm to represent you in a personal injury case:

When you have been involved in an accident resulting in injury it is important that you seek competent representation as soon as possible.  Our early involvement in the case will help you to achieve the most beneficial outcome.  Along with recommendations for medical providers and other helpful information, our personal injury lawyers of Hernando County can provide you with at least some peace of mind as we guide you and help navigate your case through what can be a confusing and difficult situation.  We believe that it is important to work in concert with you and your medical providers throughout the process.

You, our staff and our personal injury lawyers will be working together as a team to put forth the strongest and most convincing case for you and to bring about a speedy and just resolution of your claim. Time and effort on both your part and ours will be necessary to accomplish these goals.  The more information you can supply to your accident lawyers, the better we will be able to prepare your case and to recover on your behalf an amount to compensate you sufficiently for your claim for damages.

We encourage you to do everything possible to remember any facts and details about the incident, any conversations you had with anyone concerning the incident and any statements you may have given to anyone in this regard.  It is also important for you to give us the names of any witnesses who could testify either on your behalf or on behalf of the other party about the incident and when, how and why it occurred.  Similarly, it is important for you to give us the names and addresses of any potential witnesses who could testify about any injuries you claim to have suffered from the incident as well as any pain, discomfort or limitations that have resulted from those injuries.

It is important for you to document your injuries as completely as possible.  We encourage you to keep a personal injury journal or diary in which you describe daily how you are feeling, what limitations you have on your activities, how much pain you are experiencing, where you are experiencing that pain, whether you are taking any medication or undergoing any treatment and how the injuries and/or pain have affected your lifestyle on each particular day.  Your journal will help us to be as specific as possible about the kinds of damages and injuries you have suffered.

As your case progresses, our staff and our personal injury lawyers of Hernando County will likely contact you for further information as well. These requests will be made for the purpose of getting a more complete picture of your case to present when the time is ready to make a demand. Likewise we will be available to answer your questions throughout the process and help you with assembling necessary documentation and records. Although every case has different facts and circumstances, this team effort between you and The Hogan Law Firm will enhance our efforts on your behalf.

The hiring of an attorney is an important decision and we strongly recommend you take the time to examine our website and review the background and experience of our attorneys.  We are a full service law firm with a depth of knowledge in a wide range of areas and we look forward to providing our legal skills to help you receive the positive and beneficial outcome you deserve.

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